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Employer's Guidance Incorporated in Civil Service Recruitment Practises

There has been some progress made in the past year following on from the Fresh Start Agreement and the recommendations of the Fresh Start Panel set up by the Executive in 2016.  The Employer's Guidance has been adopted by the Civil Service and a number public bodies and private businesses.  It remains the case however that the majority of employers do not know of the Guidance or chose not to incorporate it into their employment practises.  The list of employers currently incorporating the Guidance is listed in the 2nd report the Ex-Prisoners Working Group.

The ‘voluntary’ guidance was produced as consequence of the commitment to the political ex-prisoners’ constituency in the Good Friday Agreement and also the commitment given by the Government in the St Andrews Agreement.
 It was created for all employers in the public, private and voluntary sectors. It was developed by a working group set up by the Office of the First and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) which was co-chaired by George Quigley former businessman and leading civil servant and Nigel Hamilton, at the time Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service and comprising representatives of Government departments, the Irish Congress of Trades Unions, the Confederation of British Industry and a representative group of political ex-prisoners.
The Guidance was issued in 2007 with a proviso that if employers did not adopt the Guidance within 2 years then legistative change would be required.  The Guidance did not fulfil the commitment to political ex-prisoners’ in the Good Friday Agreement or St Andrews Agreement as its voluntary status placed no obligation on any employer or service provider to give equality of access to political ex-prisoners in employment or services.  Until there is legislative change to the Fair Employment Treatment Order then it remains perfectly legal to refuse to give employment or services to a political ex-prisoner. 

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2nd Report of the Review Panel on the Employers’ Guidance on Recruiting People with Conflict Related Convictions
May 2016

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